A friend, Alex told me a story about his brother, he was in hospital recovering from an operation, and in his ward on the second floor there is a balcony, and you were allowed to smoke there, now this is the Royal Infirmary in the centre of Edinburgh and it looks on to the meadows a tree lined park in the centre of the city. One Saturday night around midnight he was on the balcony and heard a commotion. Looking down he saw to his amazement, a couple shagging doggy style, on the grass under a tree!!! not only that .....”the girl was eating a pie supper”?
This just had to be made into an image it was such a great story, I took some digital images of that part of the Meadows and tried as far as I could to recreated the scene complete with Arthurs seat in the background [ a volcanic outcrop said to be one of the legendary sites of Camelot]  there is also an ink drawing of this image on the Day of the Dead drawings page.



                        The Pie Supper 1997 Ink on Paper












The Pie Supper 2000