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Medium Format black & white

This is the camera I used for all my early B/W interiors around Edinburgh. I’m not sure why I started making images of shop interiors  I think it’s because I’m intrinsically nosey and have  an insatiable desire to capture parts of the city people  don’t see.  And it seemed the next logical step from photographing in the streets, also moving from 35mm to a medium format camera, I had to use a tripod and this meant working at a slower pace more deliberate and of course nothing moves in interiors.


35mm Black & White

Medium Format Interiors

5 x 4 Colour Interiors

5 x 4 Early Constructed

10 x 8 Constructed Colour

10 x 8 Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead Drawings



Edwin Morgan Tribute

Suicide Bombers

No Cost Images

Edinburgh Shop Interior