I had exhausted all the possibilities of pure photography in other words that, the photograph never lies that documentary tradition, I wanted to have more creative input in the work to manipulate the images, I was looking for a new sense of freedom something more.... a  friend who worked in the zoology department at the university mentioned a room full of stuffed animals, I went to see them in this dusty store room and decided to use them in the work, I had the idea of taking the stuffed animals back to their natural environment for the last time.



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5 x 4 early constructed work

35mm Black & White

Medium Format Interiors

5 x 4 Colour Interiors

5 x 4 Early Constructed

10 x 8 Constructed Colour

10 x 8 Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead Drawingsings



Edwin Morgan Tribute

Suicide Bombers

No Cost Images

Edinburgh Shop Interior