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35mm Black & White

Medium Format Interiors

5 x 4 Colour Interiors

5 x 4 Early Constructed

10 x 8 Constructed Colour

10 x 8 Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead Drawings



Edwin Morgan Tribute

Suicide Bombers

No Cost Images

Edinburgh Shop Interior

10 x 8 Constructed Colour

This is my 10x8inch plate camera the front is a 5x4 inch Cambo the back was made by two engineering friends. It’s made from light weight Dural, the bellows were bought from the Birmingham Bellows Company, now called Custom Bellows http://www.custombellows.co.uk  made to spec and came in black or red, "I chose black", the ground glass screen came from  ARCA in Switzerland, the uncoated lens was bought from teamwork in London, it is a Woolensak 8x10 series IIIA made in 1951 in Rochester USA.I use this camera for all my 10x8 work and still use it today it has been bashed about and sometimes treated badly, but it functions almost perfectly despite being shoved in a cardboard box and strapped to the back of my bike, dragged around old dusty and dirty buildings, shoved in the cargo hold’s of various airlines, It has only occasionally let me down, and that was usually due to incompetence on my part, it is a mongrel camera cobbled together from bits and pieces, here and there.